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The appendicular skeleton consists of pectoral girdle, pelvic girdle, and limbs

Pectoral girdle

SCAPULA (shoulder blade) and CLAVICLE (collar bone)

Upper limb

Bones of arm: HUMERUS (the long bone of the upper arm)

Bones of forearm: RADIUS (lateral bone of the forearm) and ULNA (medial bone of the forearm)

Bones of the hand: CARPALS (wrist), METACARPALS (hand), and PHALANGES (finger bones)

Please Note:

  • Pectoral girdle consists of two bones CLAVICLE, SCAPULA.
  • Our body has left and right pectoral girdles and lends flexibility to the upper limbs.
  • Pectoral girdle consists of the right and left clavicles (collarbones) and right and left scapulas (shoulder blades)
  • The arm and hand consist of 30 different bones.
  • The upper limbs are accountable of a wide range of motions and consist of (1) the humerus within the arm which fits into a socket in the scapula and (2) the radius and ulna the two bones at the elbow within the forearm.
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