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Diencephalon is a part of fore brain. Diencephalon consist of three parts which are upper Epithalamus, middle Thalamus and lower Hypothalamus.

Difference between thalamus and hypothalamus
Thalamus Hypothalamus
1) it is the middle part of diencephalon. 1) it is the lower part of diencephalon.
2) it consist of two thalami which are interconnected by habenular commissure. 2) it gives rise to a downward stalk called infundibulum to which pituitary gland is attached.
3) it is called Gatekeeper to the cerebrum because all sensory impulses pass to cerebrum through thalamus except olfactory impulse 3) it acts as middle man between nervous and endocrine system
4) third ventricle/diocoel is present in diencephalon 4) it secretes neurohormones like releasing factors and inhibiting factors and also secretes two hormones - ADH and Oxytocin


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