What is plasmid?

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Plasmids are autonomously replicating circular extra chromosomal DNA. Plasmids are small circular piece of DNA that are found naturally in some bacterial cells in addition to the main bacterial chromosome.

answered by Prof. Pallavi Joshi
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for PMT preparation, these following things can be asked atmost,

small circular

double stranded,

naked(no histone association),

extrachromosomal DNA having useful but Non-Vital genes eg; fertility F factor, Resistance R factor

can replicate independently

when they are attacehed to nucleoid or genophore this association is called EPISOME

answered by delightdev

1. Plasmids are the extrachromosomal DNA present in the nucleus.

2. They are self replicating, hence it can be used in many biotechnological process.

answered by chaithra
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