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There are three kinds of photosynthetic pigments found in algae. They are:

(1) Chlorophylls: There are five types of chlorophylls. Chlorophyll a, b, c , d and e. They distribution among the different classes of algae are listed in the table below. They are lipid soluble



Chlorophyll a

Present in all algae

Chlorophyll b

Found in Chlorophycophyta and Euglenophycophyta divisions

Chlorophyll c

Present in members of Bacillariophycophyta, Xanthophycophyta, Chrysophycophyta, Pyrrophycophyta, Phaeophycophyta and Cryptophycophyta

Chlorophyll d

Present in only Rhodophycophyta

Chlorophyll e

Very rare and present in only two genera of Xanthophycophyta

(2) Carotenoids: They are of two kinds. Carotenes which are linear, unsaturated hydrocarbons and xanthophylls which are oxygenated derivatives. They are lipid soluble

(3) Phycobilins (Biloproteins): These are water soluble protein complexes found only in two algal divisions - Rhodophycophyta and Cryptophycophyta. There are two kinds of phycobilins- Phycocyanin and Phycoerythrin