Types of sclereids.

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  1. Brachysclereids or Stone Cells - These are unbranched, short and isodiametric with ramiform pits. For example: grit of Guava, Sapota, Apple and Pear.
  2. Macrosclereids - These are elongated and columnar or rod-like. For example: epidermal covering of legume seeds.
  3. Osteosclereids - These are bone-like or columnar with swollen ends. For example: sub-epidermal covering of legume seeds.
  4. Astrosclereids - These are branched as star. For example: petiole of lotus, tea leaves.
  5. Filiform Sclereids - These are fibre like, sparingly branched. For example: Olea.
  6. Trichosclereids- These are elongated hair-like. These branch once and extend into intercellular spaces.
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