What is the function of abscisic acid?

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The functions of abscisic acid are:

  1. It inhibits the plant growth and metabolism.
  2. It inhibits the germination of seeds
  3. Under unfavorable conditions the seed withstand the dessication there by the abscisic acid inducing the seed dormancy.
  4. It also initiates the closure of stomata to reduce the water loss under condition of draught.  So it is also known as stress hormone since it can tide over the adverse condition easily.
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The functions of Abscisic acid (ABA) are:

  1. ABA promotes seed dormancy by inhibiting seed germination. Also, called as Dormin.
  2. Promotes abscission
  3. Stops cambial activity
  4. Responsible for stomatal closure
  5. Promotes senescence by destroying chlorophyll
  6. Delays flowering in long day plants
  7. Increases resistance of plants to cold and other stresses
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