Differences between plasmolysis and haemolysis?

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Shrinking of the protoplasm due to loss of water by osmosis is known as the plasmolysis. It occurs when the amount of water molecules is high in the cell than the outside; the movement of water molecules occurs resulting in the shrinkage of the protoplasm and the detachment of the plasma membrane from the cell wall.

Haemolysis is the process of destruction of the red blood cells. This destruction is a normal process there by old red blood cells is replaced. When there is excessive destruction of the red blood cells sometimes premature too may cause anaemia.

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1    Plasmolysis occurs in plant cells while haemolysis occurs in red blood cells
2.    Plasmilysis (plant cells shrinks) while in haemolysis (red blood cell bursts
3.    Plasmolysis occurs in a hypertonic and solution while haemolysis occurs in a hypotonic solution.
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