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Chromatin is the combination of DNA and protein inside the cell nucleus, whereas chromosome is a sequence of nucleic acids coiled onto the proteins (histone proteins) to form an organized structure.

Both chromatin and chromosome structures are nucleoprotein complexes in which chromatin is uncondensed part whereas chromosome is condensed part.

Chromatin is observed during interphase of cell cycle whereas chromosome is observed during M-phase (Metaphase) of cell cycle.

Functions of chromatin are:

  1. Prevent DNA damage
  2. To organize DNA into small size so that it fits into cell nucleus
  3. It is active to control metabolism of cell
  4. It also control DNA replication and gene expression
  5. Supports DNA and strengthen it for mitosis

Functions of chromosome:

  1. Distribute genetic information to daughter cells
  2. It contains DNA bound proteins, which carry hereditary information of an organism.
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