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Multicellular organs are composed of many cells. Each cell gives rise to a organ and ultimately the organ system which carry out specific metabolic activities.

The human body consists of different systems meant to carry out different functions. Some of them are:



Organs of the system




Brain, Spinal cord, nerves, skin, ears, eyes

Communication via signals between different parts of the body and between cells, reaction to stimuli



Lungs, Nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea, bronchial tubes

Intake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide from the body



Stomach, Teeth, Liver, Tongue, Intestines, pancreas, esophagus

Breakdown of food and absorption of energy



Blood, Lymph, Heart blood vessels

Transport of nutrients, water, salts, fighting infections(immunity)



Kidneys, Bladder, skin

Removal of metabolic waste products from the body, maintenance of osmotic balance

Each organ system consists of different organs each assigned specific roles. For example, in the digestive system teeth are responsible for chewing the food. Stomach is responsible for secreting digestive juice which are acidic in nature and kill the bacteria. Intestines are responsible for digestion and absorption. This shows division of labor as each of the organs and organ systems are assigned specified roles which is needed in a complex body such as that of a human being.

In simple organisms, like the unicellular Amoeba which consists of only a single cell all the functions are carried out within a single cell.

Division of labour is seen even within a single cell. Each cell has components which perform specific function such as exchange or substances, protein synthesis, release of energy etc.

Just as in a cricket team, the roles of each individual namely the Captain, Wicketkeeper, batsman and bowler is specific and defined similarly in a human body each cell, organ and organ system carries out its role.

This shows that multicellular organisms show division of labour. 


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