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Pedigree analysis

  1. Pedigree analysis is a study of a family tree by making a chart made of symbols and lines that represent person’s genetic family history.
  2. In pedigree symbols represent people and lines to represent genetic relationships.
  3. The pedigree is a visual tool for documenting biological relationship in families.
  4. It is also used to determine the mode of inheritance of genetic disease.
  5. It is mostly constructed by medical geneticists or genetic counselors.
  6. An example is given below:

Pedigree analysis

  1. In this pedigree, squares represent males and circles are for females.
  2. Horizontal lines connecting a male and female represent mating.
  3. Vertical lines extending downward from a couple represent their children.
  4. The dark symbols represent the affected individuals whereas plain symbols represent unaffected individuals.
  5. Each generation is given a roman numerical.