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  1. By the process of cell division, one cell divides into two cells. This process continues for cell growth and forms new cells.
  2. Cell division is also known as mitotic phase in the cell cycle, which produces daughter cells at the end of its five stages of cell division.
  3. These five stages begin with the condensation of chromosomes and form sister chromatids, it also continue with separate sister chromatids into equal numbers to the poles of the cell, after the separation process cytokinesis begin, by which cytoplasm is divided into two daughter cell and at the end two daughter cells are formed.
  4. This whole process of five stages are named as below:
    1. Prophase
    2. Prometaphase
    3. Metaphase
    4. Anaphase
    5. Telophase
  5. In this way due to this process of cell division new cells are forms in the body of living things which is very important to each and every living organism.
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