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I've studied biology for the past 6 years and my understanding has always been that Metaphase is one of the shortest phases of mitosis.  Prophase is the longest.  Is this an error on your part, or do you have supporting information that I do not have.

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  1. Metaphase is the longest phase of mitosis; in which separation of chromosomes begin by high tension of spindle fibres.
  2. At the end of prophase, chromosomes become visible, duplicated centriole forms spindle outside the nucleus and nuclear membrane disappears.
  3. Sometimes transitions occur between prophase and metaphase, which is generally known as prometaphase.
  4. Prometaphase is a short period in which chromosomes are in disorder.
  5. At the end of this short period, chromosomes arranged to the specific imaginary plane that is called as metaphase plate.
  6. Arrangement of chromosomes at the metaphase plate is conducted by the spindle fibres that are connected to the centromere, which helps chromosomes to aligned perpendicular to the spindle apparatus called centrioles.
  7. In this phase many fibres are connected to the centromeres called as chromosomal fibres whereas many of the fibres are extended from one pole to the other of the cell are called as continuous fibres.
  8. During metaphase chromosomes are arranged to the specific imaginary plane called as metaphase plate.
  9. At this plate chromosomes, specifically each sister chromatids are attached to the bundle of four to eight spindle fibres.
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