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Apiculture is an age-old cottage industry. It is the preservation of hives of honeybees for the production of honey

  1. Apiculture or bee-keeping is a branch of biology that deals with rearing and maintenance of honey-bees for the production on honey on a commercial scale.
  2. Honey is a food of high nutritive value (contains invert sugar as it provides instant energy when consumed) and finds use in the indigenous systems of medicine as well. Honeybee produces beeswax, which has got several uses in industry, e.g., preparation of cosmetics and polishes of various kinds. Keeping beehives in crop fields can increase pollination efficiency.
  3. The improved demand of honey has shown the way to large-scale beekeeping practices (Apiculture). Apiculture is an established income generating industry.
  4. It could be practiced on a small or on a large scale.
  5. Several species of honeybees can be reared Apis cerana indica is a subspecies of honey bee and one of the most common species.
  6. Some of the important points to grow a successful apiculture industry are:
    1. good knowledge of the nature and habits of bees
    2. suitable site for keeping the beehives
    3. catching and hiving of swarms (large or dense group of bees)
    4. administrations of the beehives (the structures in which bees are kept, typically it is in the form of a dome or box) during different seasons
    5. handling, collection, storage of honey and of beeswax. 
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Apiculture is a branch of biology that deals with rearing and maintenance of honey-bees for the production of honey on a commercial scale.
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apiculture is a brnch of biology that deals with maintenace of honey bees and their hives
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