What are the adaptations of anemophilous flowers?
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The floral adaptations/characteristics of anemophilous flowers are:

  1. Flowers are colorless, inconspicuous, small without nectar and fragrance.
  2. The pollen grains are light, dry and produced in large numbers.
  3. To catch the pollen grains, the stigma becomes sticky, hairy, feathery or branched.
  4. Generally, stamens are provided with long filaments and versatile anthers.
1) These flowers are usually small and inconpicuous.
2)These flower lack nectar and have no fragnance.
3) Their anthers are large and borne on long stalks.
4) The stigmas of these flowers are long and broad ,to catch the pollen grain easily.
5) Pollen is small in size easily transported by the wind.Some pollen has wings e.g. in Pinus plant.
6) Most of these flowers are unisexual.
**Examples are Conifers, grasses, cereals, poplar, oak, walnut etc