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IVF refers to In-vitro fertilization.

ET refers to Embryo Transfer.

The technique of IVF and in-vitro development followed by Embryo Transfer (ET) in the uterus of a normal female to start the development and finally leading to normal birth is called test tube baby.

These are assisted reproductive technologies used for treating infertility.


  1. Unfertilized ovum is removed from female reproductive tract.
  2. Ovum is kept under aseptic conditions.
  3. In-vitro fertilization of sperm and ovum to form a zygote.
  4. Development of zygote in-vitro upto 32-celled stage.
  5. The developing embryo is implanted into the uterus, thus starting the pregnancy of the     female and further development of the foetus till birth takes place in the mother’s womb.
  6. Such a baby is called a Test tube baby.

IVF is of two types:


Full form



Zygote intra-fallopian transfer

In this technique, embryo or zygote upto 8 blastomeres is transferred into the fallopian tube of the female.


Intra-Uterine Transfer

In this technique, embryo or zygote more than 8 blastomeres (32-celled stage) is transferred into the uterus of the female.


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