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Pyramid of number:

  1. In an ecosystem, the relationship between the producers and consumers can be represented in the form of a pyramid in terms of number which is known as Pyramid of number.
  2. It depicts the number of individual organisms at different trophic levels in a food chain.
  3. There is a great difference in the number of organisms involved in each step of the food chain.
  4. The animals at the base of the pyramid are the most abundant.
  5. Successive links of carnivores decreases rapidly in number till there are very few carnivores left at the top.
  6. The pyramid of number ignores the biomass of organisms as well as the energy transferred or the use of energy by the groups involved.
  7. The lake ecosystem is a perfect example for Pyramid of number.

Pyramid of biomass:

  1. The biomass of the members in the food chain present at any one time constitutes the Pyramid of biomass.
  2. It indicates decrease in biomass at each trophic level from base to apex.
  3. The total biomass of the Producers>Herbivores>Primary Carnivores and so on.