in Sexual reproduction in flowering plants by

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  1. Stem cutting is an artificial method of plant propagation.
  2. In this method, the stem of a healthy plant is cut into small pieces.
  3. Each cutting must have atleast 2-3 short internodes with axillary buds.
  4. The upper end of the cutting is given a transverse cut to mark the morphological apex of the stem.
  5. A slant cut is given to the lower end to mark the morphological base of the stem.
  6. The obliquely cut basal end is then planted in the soil under suitable conditions for the formation of adventitious roots.
  7. Success of this method basically depends on rooting.
  8. Low concentrations of plant hormones like IAA, IBA and NAA are applied before planting in the soil.
  9. This method of propagation is successfully used for the propagation of sugarcane, rose, grapes, tea, coffee, Hibiscus, mulberry, drumstick, Bougainvillea, etc.
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