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  1. Grafting is the technique or an art of joining two cut surfaces of the same or different plants such that they unite and grow together as one plant.
  2. The principle behind this technique is bringing together the cambia of stock and scion for union.
  3. Stock: Plant on which grafting is done.
  4. Scion (Graft): Plant part inserted on the stock.
  5. For grafting to be successful, both should be mutually compatible, i.e. matching of cambia.
  6. The stock has strong root system, while the scion has weaker root system, but better variety of fruits and flowers.
  7. This technique is carried out in dicot plants as they have cambium for secondary growth.
  8. Since monocots lack intra and interfascicular cambium, grafting cannot be carried out.
  9. The stock gives rise to root, while scion becomes the shoot of the new plant.
  10. Common methods of grafting include Tongue (whip) grafting, wedge  grafting, crown grafting, etc.
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