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Solution for the treatment of electronic wastes are:

  1. E-waste is ‘electronic waste’ generated by electronic products. These include discarded (irreparable) computers, mobile phones, printers, paramedical equipments, etc.
  2. More than 50% of the e-wastes generated in developed countries are sent to developing countries for the recovery of metals like iron, gold, copper, etc.
  3. Recycling involves manual participation and hence workers are exposed to harmful and toxic waste substances present in e-wastes.
  4. E-wastes are generally destroyed by incineration (burning in presence of oxygen) or through landfills in which the e-wastes are dumped in a trench or depression after compaction and covered with dirt everyday.
  5. Treatment of e-wastes by landfill method can be dangerous as it can leach lead and other substances in soil and groundwater and contaminate them.
  6. Recycling is the only solution for the treatment of electronic wastes provided it is carried out in an environment friendly manner.
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