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How lichens help turn rocks into soil.

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Ecological role of lichens:

OR Lichens help turn rocks into soil in he following ways:

  1. Lichens are of considerable ecological importance. They are the pioneers in colonization of rocky habitats.
  2. The disintegration of rocks in almost mechanical.
  3. However, in case of limestone, the lichens give out a mild acid which slowly dissolves in rock.
  4. Generally, such species are endolithic and penetrate the rocks.
  5. After lichens die, their decaying remains, along with rock particles form soil after many years.
  6. The first plants to grow on such soil are mosses.
  7. The mosses die and add more organic matter to the soil.
  8. Gradually, after many years the soil becomes rich and higher plants grow on it.
  9. Although lichens are a very small group of plants, they form as important factor in the formation of soil.
  10. They form the first stage of plant succession.
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