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Classification of lichens

  1. Lichens are classified based on the nature of fungal elements and kinds of fructifications or on the basis of habitats.
  2. On the basis of fructification, lichens are classified into two groups- i. Ascolichens and ii. Basidiolichens
  3. In an Ascolichen, the fungal partner belongs to ascomycetae. The algal components belong to the two main divisions of Chlorophyceae and Cyanophyceae.
  4. The ascolichens are further divided into two groups depending on the types of ascocarp
  • Pyrenocarpeae  in which the ascocarp is perithecium type.
  • Gymnocarpeae in which the ascocarp is an apothecium.

On the basis of habitat, lichens fall into the following categories:

  1. Terricolous: Growing on grounds.
  2. Saxicolous: Found on rocks.
  3. Corticolous (Arboreal): Growing on barks, wood and leaves as epiphytes
  4. Omnicolous: Exist in most varied habitat
  5. Localised: Communities
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