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Taxon (plural: taxa):

  1. A taxon is the taxonomic group of any rank system of classification.
  2. In plant kingdom considering China Rose, the descending order of the taxa will by:
    Spermatoplyta – Angiosperms – Dicotyledon – Polypetalae – Thalimiflorae – Malvales – Malvaceae -  Hibiscusrosa-sinensis
    Here, each one of the following represents a taxonomic group i.e. a taxon.
  3. A taxon may be a very large group such as a Division e.g. angiosperms, or it can be a very small group such as species e.g.  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
  4. Taxon is a group of living organisms or beings.
  5. The taxon is to be written against the respective category on the right side.
  6. Taxa is used with reference to particular organism.
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