in Body Fluids and Circulation (Cardiovascular System, Circulatory system) by

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Difference between open and closed circulatory system

Open circulatory system

Closed circulatory system

1. Blood flows through large open spaces called lacunae and sinuses

1. Blood flows through closed system i.e. heart and blood vessels

2. No capillary system so tissues are in direct contact with blood (hemolymph)

2. Capillary system present so blood is not in direct contact with tissues

3. Exchange of nutrients and gases takes place directly between blood and tissue

3. Nutrients and gases pass through the walls of capillaries to tissue fluid which is then taken up by the tissues

4. Volume of blood flowing through tissues cannot be controlled as blood is flowing through open spaces

4. Blood flow is controlled by contraction and relaxation of muscles of blood vessels

5. Blood flow is very slow

5. Blood flow is rapid here

6. Found in higher invertebrates like most arthropods such as prawns, cockroach etc. and in some molluscs

6. Found in some molluscs, annelids and all vertebrates


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