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The symptoms of HIV include:

  1. Loss of body weight by 10%
  2. Chronic diarrhoea for longer than one month.
  3. Prolonged fever for more than one month.
  4. Loss of appetite (Anorexia)
  5. Lesions in skin with pus formation.
  6. General dermatitis
  7. Recurrent herpes zoster
  8. Ulcerating infections of mouth or genitals
  9. Persistent cough for longer than one month
  10. Night sweating
  11. Violet patches on chest region
  12. Swelling of lymph nodes
  13. Generalized Kaposi Sarcoma which affects the skin and blood vessels.
  14. Difficulty in swallowing
  15. Change in vision
  16. Altered tastes
  17. Receding gums
  18. Infection of Central Nervous System (CNS) leading to loss of memory.
  19. Fatigue
  20. Bruising, bleeding, sores and headaches.
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