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The characteristics of algae Laminaria:

  1. Laminaria is a macroscopic algae which from 2-9 meters in length.
  2. The Laminaria exhibits alternation of generation.
  3. The sporophytic generation is diploid and the gametophytic generation is haploid.
  4. The plant body is sporophytic large multicellular algae.
  5. The thallus is differentiated into the blade or lamina, the holdfast and the stipe.
  6. The lamina or blade is ribbon like with a thick central part and the thinner lateral edges.
  7. The male and female gametophyte is microscopic.
  8. Laminaria exhibits heterothallism.
  9. The asexual sporophyte produces the zoospores which are motile. The zoospore then give rise to male and female gametophyte.
  10. The male gametophyte produces the male gametes known as the spermatozoids.
  11. The female gametophyte produces the female gametes known as the eggs.
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