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1. Production of only one kind of spores.

1. Production of two types of spores.

2. The sex is differentiated only at the gametophytic stage.

2. The sex differentiation occurs even at the sporophytic phases.

3. The gametophyte of homosporous fern depends upon the soil and environmental condition for nutrition.

3. The gametophyte of the heterosporous fern is attached to the sporophyte.

4. The gametophyte is dependent on the external climatic condition.

4. The gametophyte is independent on the external climatic condition.

5. The megaspores are small and large in number.

5. The megaspore in heterosporous ferns is large in size and possess only one large megaspore.

6. It does not result in the seed habit.

6. The heterospory results in the formation of seed habit.

7. The embryo gets nutrition from the independent green prothallus.

7. The new embryo gets sufficient nutrients from the sporophyte.



Thanks for solving my problem .

That answer is totally wrong. Some of those things are associated with homospory/heterospory but they're not necessarily part of it.
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