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The commercial uses of ethylene are:

  • Ethylene treatment is done in Cucumber, squash, melons so as to increase the number of female flower and fruits.
  • Ethylene gas is widely used for ripening the bananas.
  • Ethephon is the synthetic compound used which helps to liberate ethylene. It is used to promote ripening on the tree, leaf abscission in ornamentals, controls growth in the seedlings and flowerings in the pineapple.
  • It also promotes flower initiation and controlled ripening in the pineapple.
  • Ethylene is used as the ripening hormone. It is applied in the tomato fields by which it can be picked at a single time by machine.
  • By controlling the ethylene hormone the shelf life of many fruits can be controlled.
  • It mediates sprouting in the storage organ.
  • It also helps in seed germination.
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