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The main applications of vernalization are:

  1. In biennial plants the vernalization induces the early flowering and the fruit set.
  2. The flowering is also induced by grafting the vernalized shoot apex with that of the non-vernalized one. This feature is used in Horticulture.
  3. The crop plants of winter varieties can be converted to that of spring variety.
  4. It is one of the methods for crop improvement.
  5. Vernalization helps in increasing the resistance to fungal diseases.
  6. It shortens the vegetative period of the plants. So that the number of crops that can be raised in the same land can be increased.
  7. Vernalization helps in growing more than one crop in the same season.
  8. The crop raising in relatively short time by vernalization reduces the cost of production.
  9. A new crop can be introduced to an area in a growing season which will shorter than its normal season.
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