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The bacteria are of high economic importance to mankind. The bacteria are both beneficial as well as harmful to mankind. There are so many beneficial aspects for the bacteria so they are considered as useful. Some of the beneficial activities of bacteria are as follows:

  1. Curdling of milk and production of butter and cheese are done by the bacteria.
  2. The preparation of vinegar, acetone, lactic acid, propionic acid and ethanol occurs by the process of fermentation.
  3. Tanning of leather.
  4. Curing of coffee, tea, tobacco etc.
  5. Retting of the fibres Coconut, hemp etc.
  6. Some of the B-complex vitamins and some antibiotics are synthesized by the bacteria.
  7. The disposal of sewage occurs by decay and putrefaction.
  8. It increases the soil fertility by the process of nitrogen fixation, ammonification and nitrification.
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