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Economic importance of basidiomycetes are:

  1. The fungal forms like the mushrooms and puffballs are edible forms which is having high food value.
  2. The mushrooms are ideal food which contains 20-35% proteins. These proteins are rich in two essential aminoacids, lysine and tryptophan which can supplement the cereals.
  3. The fungus Clavatia contains the anti-cancer substance known as the clavicin.
  4. Some of the basidiomycetes are wood rotters and decomposers of cellulose and lignin.
  5. The club fungus causes diseases like rust and smuts to crops.
  6. Some members are deadly poisonous like the Amanita phalloides, Amanita virosa, and Amanita verna are the deadliest forms. Whereas some others members produce the hallucinogenic chemicals.
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