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The important characteristic features of the Azotobacter are:

  1. Azotobacter is a rod shaped bacteria with varying cell size and shape.
  2. The motility of the bacteria is with the help of peritrichous flagella.
  3. The genus Azotobacter is chemo organotrophs they are capable of using up the sugars, salts and organic acids for their growth.
  4. When the Azotobacter bacteria grow on sugars it produces certain extracellular polysaccharide (EPS).
  5. Under conditions of limiting nutrients, the organism forms resting structures known as the Cysts. The cysts are encapsulated with the desiccation resistant coat.
  6. The encysted cells of bacteria have the ability to withstand the adverse conditions such as dessication, sonic treatment and ultra violet radiations which cannot be tolerated by the vegetative cells.
  7. The Azotobacter can be isolated from the soil by different methods such as soil paste, nutrient solution and Agar medium.
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