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The important characteristics of fungi are:

  1. Hyphae are thread like structure which is very fine and colorless that makes up the body of the fungus.
  2. The hyphae are hidden deep in the soil.
  3. It produces the fruiting body.
  4. Hyphal growth is a very complex process.
  5. Hyphae are highly polarized cylinders which grow by the extension at the apical region.
  6. The hyphae elongates exponentially or linearly.
  7. The fungal hyphae grow above and below the surface of the medium and penetrate into te medium.
  8. Two types of hyphal branching are noticed in the fungal hyphae they are the apical and the lateral branching.
  9. The branching is central to the development of mycelial colony.
  10. The individual fungal hyphae exhibit the apical dominance.
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