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Can a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a proper diet improve the quality of our life? The answer is of course yes. It not only improves the quality of our life but also increase our energy and vigor besides a sharp sense of well-being.

What is lifestyle disease? Lifestyle disease, also known as the diseases of civilization are health problems that act in response to changes in lifestyle or we may say due to abnormal lifestyle changes.

Our lifestyle can make a big difference in our life. Stress of modern day living, poor eating habits, sleep dispossession, sedentary lifestyle, drug abuse, tobacco smoking, and alcohol drinking contribute many lifestyle diseases in our lives.

  • A proper dietary and lifestyle choices can prevent damage to the cardiovascular system. The risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and physical activity, obesity, air pollution and chronic stress.
  • A change in lifestyle in regard to a healthy diet, moderate weight loss, and exercise can prevent several cases of diabetes.
  • As tobacco smoke accounts for cancer, many cancers could be prevented by changes in lifestyle.

Lifestyle diseases can include asthma, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, stroke, cancer, renal failure etc.

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