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The Natural Inborn resistance to certain infection is called as Innate Immunity. It forms the First Line of Defense against invading pathogens and is present in an individual from birth and hence the name Innate which means ‘inborn’.The innate immunity is a non specific defense mechanism.

Some of the examples of body’s innate defenses are:

First Line of Defense which include:

1. The Skin: It acts as a major mechanical barrier to various invading microbes. The pH of the skin being acidic (pH 3.0-5.5) inhibits the growth of certain microorganisms on its surface. Further, the sweat contains an enzyme Lysozyme which helps to destroy the bacterial cell wall.

2. Mucus Membranes

3. Mammary Glands

4. Gastrointestinal Tract

5. Urinigenital Tract

Second Line of Defense which include:

1. Phagocytic White Blood Cells

2. Antimicrobial Proteins

3. Inflammatory Responses

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