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Sertoli cell is associated with developing germ cells in seminiferous tubule of the testis.

These cells protect the developing sperm besides maintaining, nourishing, and regulating the process of spermatogenesis (process by which male gametes form).

Process of Spermatogenesis : diploid spermatogonium (undifferentiated male germ cell) > spermatocyte > spermatid (immature male sex cell) > mature sperm

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Seminiferous tubule is having 2 types of cells on basement membrane Sertoli cells and spermatogenic cells .The sertoli cells are large, columnar with microvilli.
these cells provide nourishment to maturing sperm.
they form blood testis barrier.prevent antibodies to get into lumen of seminiferous tubule.
these secrete ABP and inhibin
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