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Some of the important properties of enzymes are:

  1. Enzymes are required in minute quantities as compared to the substrate
  2. Enzymes show striking specificity. They catalyze specific reactions involving specific substrates
  3. Enzymes increase the speed of a chemical reaction. They lower the activation energy of a reaction, thus allowing it to occur at ordinary physiological temperatures
  4. The action of enzyme is greatly affected by temperatures.
  5. The activity of enzymes is maximum at optimum pH between 4 - 9.
  6. Enzymatic activity is affected by H+ ions concentration
  7. The rate of reaction is affected by enzyme concentration
  8. Enzyme itself is not used up in the reaction it catalyzes so it can be used over again and again
  9. Enzymes have a high turn over number. It means the number of reactions that an enzyme molecule can catalyze per second. 
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