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Incomplete dominance 

  1. Incomplete dominance is a condition when neither allele is dominant over the other.
  2. It is also known as partial dominance or semi dominance.
  3. The condition is recognized by the heterozygote’s expressing an intermediate phenotype relative to the parental phenotypes.
  4. Example: In Mirabilis jalapa plant, when red flowered plant is crossed with white flowered plant, pink flowered F1 generation observed.
  5. Now, this F1 generation is crossed, the F2 plants appear in a phenotypic ratio of 1:2:1, having red, pink and white flowers.
  6. In this case red colour producing gene is not completely dominant over white colour producing gene.
  7. So, genotypic ratio is same and equal to 1:2:1.

Incomplete dominance

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