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The important characteristics of algae spirogyra are:

  1. It is an unbranched, filamentous green algae occurring in the stagnant water so known as pond scum.
  2. A mucilaginous covering or sheath is present which makes the surface slimy hence known as pond silk.
  3. A double layered cell wall is present in which the outer wall is made of pectin and inner wall of cellulose.
  4. A spirally coiled or ribbon shaped chloroplast with number of pyrenoids is present.
  5. Reproduction occurs both in vegetative and sexual methods.
  6. Vegetative reproduction is by fragmentation.
  7. Sexual reproduction takes place by conjugation.
  8. Three types of conjugation is found in spirogyra. They are i. scalariform conjugation, ii. Lateral conjugation, iii. Self conjugation.
  9. The lifecycle of the spirogyra is haplobiontic.
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