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The main characteristics of Euglenophyceae are;

  1. The algae coming under this family is known as pure green algae.
  2. Only fresh water forms are present.
  3. The body covered by flexible pellicle formed of protein.
  4. The body has definite anterior and posterior ends.
  5. The reserve food material is paramyllum bodies and pyrenoids.
  6. The members are motile and flagellates; locomotion with the help of flagella.
  7. Large and prominent nucleus and a contractile vacuole for osmo regulation.
  8. Nutrition is autotrophic or heterotrophic.
  9. Reproduction in the Euglena occurs by longitudinal binary fission.
  10. A single lobed chloroplast with central pyrenoids.
  11. Two apically or laterally placed flagella present.
  12. Reserve food materials are solid carbohydrates or starch.
  13. Reproduction is isogamous.
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