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The importances of bryophytes are:

  1. The mosses, liverworts and lichens are the pioneers in establishing vegetation.
  2. The sphagnum plants are of great ecological importance. Dried up sphagnum is used as an absorbent in surgical dressings as well as packing materials in the upholstery. It also helps in retaining high soil acidity which is required for economically important decorative plants.
  3. Most of the mosses are used as a good packing material for the glassware and other fragile goods.
  4. Peat mosses are used to absorb and hold the water so that it is used as seed beds and also used in green houses for root cuttings.
  5. Certain mosses are used as fuel also used to prevent soil erosion.
  6. They are important in horticulture; used as ornamental.
  7. Peat mosses are used for the production of methane.
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