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1. Bryophytes are moist, shady and terrestrial.    

1. The algae are either fresh water or marine.

2. The rhizoids anchor the plant to the substratum.

2. In higher members of algae the holdfast anchors the plant to the substratum.

3. The plant body is always multicellular; no unicellular forms are there.

3. Both the multicellular and unicellular forms of algae are present.

4. Sexual reproduction is oogamous.

4. Sexual reproduction is isogamous, anisogamous or oogamous.

5. Presence of sterile jacket around the sex organs.

5. There is no sterile jacket present around the sex organs.

6. The life cycle has the sporophyte differentiation stage.

6. Absence of sporophyte differentiation stage.

7. Presence of spores or stomata.

7. Absence of spores or stomata.

8. Chlorophyll is the predominant pigment present.

8. Few chlorophyll pigment are present rest of them are other pigments depending upon the type of algae.

9. The female sex organ is referred as archegonium.

9. The female sex organ is oogonia.

10. Alternation of generation is homologous.

10. Alternation of generation is heteromorphic.

11. The tissue differentiation is well defined.

11. The tissue differentiation is not well defined.

12.  Vegetative reproduction is common whereas the asexual reproduction is absent.

12. Vegetative as well as the asexual reproduction is present. The asexual reproduction occurs by formation of Aplanospores, zoospore etc.


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