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The Pteridophytes are an economically important group of plants. Some of them are

  1. Pteridophytes are used in the horticulture. The different species of Selaginella are grown as the garden plants. Ruhmora adiantiformis is called the florist’s fern; since their leaf resists wilting they are used in the cut flower arrangements.
  2. Some of the ferns are used in handicrafts; petioles of certain ferns are used for making basketry and bracelets.
  3. Pteridium leaves are used for making the green dye.
  4. Club mosses are used as a dry industrial lubricant since its microscopic spore contains non-volatile oils. The spores are also used as flash powder in photography and also as finger print powder in forensic investigation.
  5. Some pteridophytes are eaten as food.
  6. Some are dinitrogen fixers example is the Azolla. It’s an economically valuable species which is used as a bio fertilizer. Since Azolla leaves contains symbiotic cyanobacteria that are able to convert atmospheric nitrogen to nitrate.
  7. Some members of pteridophytes are noxious weed like Salvinia, Pteridium which are weedy aquatic ferns.
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