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The modern classification of pteridophytes have been suggested by many scientist according to the Sporne(1975) pteridophytes have been classified into six classes. They are Psilopsida, Psilotopsida, Lycopsida, Sphenopsida, Pteropsida and Progymnospermopsida. This classification is a modification is a modification of Reimer’s (1954) system. According to the Modern system of classification by Parihar in 1996; Pteridophytes have been divided into seven divisions. They are Rhyniophyta, Trimerophytophyta, Zosterophyllophyta, Psilotophyta, Lycopodiophyta, Equisetophyta and Polypodiophyta. Bold (1973) differentiated Psilophytes into living and fossil groups. The living Psilophytes were placed under the division Psilotophyta and extinct Psilophytes were divided into three division. They are Rhyniophyta, Trimerophytophyta and Zosterophyllophyta.

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