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1. Loss of water in the form of water droplet.

1. Loss of water in the form of water vapour.

2. It occurs through special structures called hydathodes.

2. It occurs through the stomata, cuticle and lenticels.

3. Hydathodes found on the edges of the leaves.

3. Stomata occur on the lower side of the leaves.

4. It occurs during the night.

4. It occurs during the day time.

5. It is a controlled phenomenon.

5. It occurs due to the development of root pressure.

6. Hydathodes left open through day and night.

6. Stomata is usually opened at day time and close at night.

7. Guttation is not controlled by the opening and closing of guard cell.

7. Transpiration is controlled by the activity of the guard cell.

8. It does not occur in a water deficit condition.

8. It occurs even in the water deficit condition which will cause wilting in the plants.

9.  The water that lost contains organic compounds, minerals and sugars.

9. The water that is transpired is pure.

10. It takes place mostly in the herbaceous plants.

10. It takes place in all the higher plants.

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Guttation: Loss of water from cutted part of a plant eg stem. it is also called bleeding.

Transpiration: Loss of water in the form of vapours is called Transpiration.enlightened

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