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The control measures of alcoholism include:

A. Prevention:

  1. Consumption of alcohol has become a social status symbol which is fast spreading among young generations. The social circle and parents are responsible for this, and should keep a check on this menace.
  2. Ban: Opening of bars near schools and colleges should be banned.
  3. Tax: Alcoholic beverages should be heavily taxed.
  4. Law: Strict laws should be made for the consumption of alcohol only after a certain prescribed age. While driving, alcohol intake is prohibited by law.
  5. Education: People should be made aware of the side-effects of alcohol through mass media like T.V, newspapers, magazines etc.

B. Drugs:

  1. Chlordiazepoxide: For overcoming withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, irritability, convulsions etc.
  2. Antabuse (Disulfiram): It mainly makes the patient suffer from unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, flushing, vomiting and palpitation even when a small quantity of alcohol is taken. Hence, the patient avoids alcohol.
  3. Emetine Hydrochloride: When injected, makes a person vomit at the taste, smell and even sight of alcohol and hence an aversion for it. But, toxicity is common and hence no longer in use.

C. Psychological measures:

  1. Hypnotism: By experts in selected cases.
  2. Psychotherapy: By group counselling.
  3. Family therapy: To support the patient.
  4. Certain rehabilitation centres like ‘alcoholic anonymous’ for providing help to alcoholics.
  5. Occupational therapy to help him to adjust better in the world.