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There are different types of tendrils they are classified based on the origin of the tendrils from which part of the plant. There are seven types of tendrils noticed; they are

  1. Stem tendrils: In some slender stemmed plants modified branches or parts of the stem develops into tendrils.
  2. Leaf tendrils: In some weak stemmed plants the entire leaf primordia is developed into tendrils
  3. Leaflet tendrils: This tendril is formed from the any of the leaflet from the compound leaves.
  4. Leaf tip tendrils: The tendrils develop from the apex of the developing leaf as in Gloriosa this type of leaf apex is known as the cirrhose.
  5. Stipular tendrils: The tendril develops from the stipules or bracteoles.
  6. Pedicel tendrils: The tendril is developed from the subtends the flower.
  7. Prophyll tendrils: The tendril developed from the Prophyll which is the first leaf of a shoot.
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