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The important characteristics of non-vascular plants are:

  • They are mostly amphibian of the plant kingdom.
  • They are found in the moist and shady places.
  • These plants do not possess true roots, stems and leaves.
  • The vascular tissues are absent.
  • The plant possess root like structure known as the rhizoids.
  • The absorption of water occurs by capillary action, diffusion and cytoplasmic streaming.
  • The sex organs are formed on the gametophytic plant body.
  • The gametophyte undergoes sexual reproduction by syngamy.
  • The syngamy results in the formation of zygote which later give rise to the diploid sporophyte.
  • The sporophyte which lives on the gametophyte as a parasite.
  • The sporophytes possess the capsule which produces haploid spores.
  • The spores give rise to the protonema.
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