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The aerial part of the plant which is found above the surface of the soil is known as the shoot system. The main characteristics of shoot system are:

  1. The shoot system consists of stem, leaves and flowers.
  2. The main axis of the shoot system is known as the stem.
  3. The stem is the branched part of the plant body.
  4. The stem bears the green flat photosynthetic part of the body known as the leaves.
  5. The leaves are of various shapes and sizes.
  6. The point where the leaves originate from the stem is known as the node.
  7. The part of the stem that lies between the two nodes is known as the inter nodes.
  8. The bud develops from the axils of the leaves.
  9. The buds which are found at the axils of the leaves are known as the axillary buds.
  10. The bud found at the tip of the stem is known as the apical bud or terminal bud.
  11. The growth of the stem occurs by the activity of the terminal bud.
  12. The buds develop into either vegetative branch or flower.
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