What are the major problems faced in adolescence?

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The major problems faced in adolescence are:

1. Acne:

  • Most common problem seen in adolescents of both sexes.
  • Acne results from clogged pores of skin due to hyper-secretion of androgen (sex hormone).
  • Small dot-like protuberances seen on face, neck and back.
  • Increases self-consciousness when develops on face.

2. Hypochondria:

  • It is a psychosomatic disorder.
  • Adolescents suffer from anxiety and are unduly concerned about their health.
  • Prominent among women.
  • They fear about the disfigurement of body due to obesity and start dieting.
  • Other complications may develop due to excessive weight loss.

3. Neurasthenia:

  • Inability to concentrate on or enjoy things.
  • May lead to fatigue, irritability, insomnia, depression and headache.

4. Social attachment:

Adolescents experience alternate periods of loneliness (withdrawal from social surroundings) and gregariousness (tendency to be with social surroundings).

5. Diet:

  • Some adolescents do not consume proper food as they feel the need to decrease their body weight.
  • Some of them may eat excess food (overeating).

6. Menstrual cycle:

Irregularity in monthly periods is seen in some female adolescents.

7. Phobias:

  • Intense dread or fear of things or creatures amongst adolescents.
  • E.g.
    Algophobia → Fear from pain.
    Xenophobia → Fear from strangers.
    Ophidiophobia → Fear from snakes.

8. Post-traumatic stress disorder:

Adolescents may suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder due to traumatic experiences like accidents, rape, robbery, witness of murder, premarital sexual intercourse resulting in undesired pregnancies.

9. Addiction:

  • Addiction to drugs, smoking, chewing of tobacco and alcohol.
  • Reasons → Peer-pressure, frustration and depression, advertisements, feeling of dependence.

10. Others:

These include accidents, suicide attempts, depression, contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).