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How is eutrophication caused?

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  1. Increase in bacterial growth reducing oxygen content of water body leading to death of aquatic organism is known as Eutrophication.
  2. Domestic wastes and agricultural discharges are mainly responsible for Eutrophication.
  3. These wastes contain organic substances, nutrients, nitrates and phosphates.
  4. Organic matters and nutrients promote the growth of bacteria.
  5. The Nitrates and organic Phosphates promote the growth of Algae.
  6. The death of Algae and nutrients promote more growth of decomposing bacteria.
  7. Decomposing bacteria are Aerobic.
  8. Bacteria use more oxygen quickly from the water. It increases Biological oxygen demand. (B.O.D.)
  9. Such water becomes foul and unfit for fishes and other aquatic animals.
  10. Aquatic animals die, more decomposition takes place leading to more growth of decomposing bacteria. This phenomenon is called Eutrophication.
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